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5th February 2015
Quality Risk Management: a pragmatic approach
GlaxoSmithKline, Ware
An effective quality risk management (QRM) process provides a key mechanism for the proactive identification and control of potential issues that may arise during product development and subsequent commercialisation (ICH Q9).
Scientific approaches are used to estimate the likelihood of any given risk.
This symposium will look at the assessment of risk from an academic, regulatory and industrial perspective and will cover method development, specification setting, chemical purging and genotoxin risk assessment (GRA) using in silico methodologies.

19th March 2015
Combating counterfeit medicines: the solutions
Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA
Sub-standard and counterfeit medicines are a great threat to patient health and safety. They may cause death due to the lack of active drug, as found in some vaccines and antibiotics, or because of the presence of a toxic material, such as the substitution of diethylene glycol for glycerol.

19th March 2015
Annual General Meeting
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Starts at 9.30 a.m.
The AGM is open to all members of JPAG. It is not necessary to register for the symposium to attend the AGM.

EXTERNAL EVENT: 28th January 2015
Freeze drying and alternative drying technologies for parenterals
Burleigh Court, Loughborough University
Symposium organised by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences

EXTERNAL EVENT: 16th April 2015
APS Industrial Insights 2015
Pfizer (Discovery Park), Sandwich
Two-day conference organised by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Scences

EXTERNAL EVENT: 12th May 2015
Advances in bio-separations: biologics characterisation from cradle to grave
MedImmune, Cambridge
A two-day conference organised by the Chromatographic Society on the complete characterisation of proteins and peptides

EXTERNAL EVENT: 19th May 2015
APS Parkinsons Disease: From Patient to Product
GSK, Ware
Symposium organised by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

EXTERNAL EVENT: 7th September 2015
APS PharmSci 2015
East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham
Three-day UK PharmSci Conference

EXTERNAL EVENT: 5th October 2015
APS Pharmaceutical Photostability 2015
Burleigh Court, Loughborough University
A three-day conference organised by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences

11th December 2014
Stability challenges Part II: Assuring the stability of medicines from manufacture to clinical use
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
This symposium examines best practice during the distribution and storage of medicines, to ensure correct storage conditions are maintained and to ensure the quality of the medicine is maintained during use in the clinic or by the patient. The generation of data to support temperature excursions and to demonstrate in-use stability will be explored.

Quality risk management: a pragmatic approach
Thursday 5 February 2015
The brochure is available to download from the website and registration is proceeding
This event will be held at GSK, Ware

Combating counterfeit medicines: the solutions
Thursday 19 March 2015 at RSC
The brochure is available to download from the website and the first registrations are in

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The report on the symposium on"Stability challenges Part II" held on 11th December is now available to read.
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Good speakers with a real flare and enthusiasm for their work, making the presentations very interesting

Overall it was a useful course and nice connection to the science and the advances in pharmaceutical analysis

The facilities and refreshments/food were EXCELLENT thank you

Very good symposium many thanks

This was a very useful meeting with a wide range of interesting presentations

Good venue, good organisation

Most of the speakers made a general and quite useful introduction which allowed everyone to follow the presentation no matter the level; it was really easy to reach the location

I thought the symposium was very well balanced to cover all aspects of stability hence it was all very useful

Good, well-organised and attended day, relevant presentations, interesting comments and discussion

Excellent venue, very good speakers and overall topics highly applicable

Excellent day; very fruitful discussions with new acquaintances

Venue, facilities and lunch were very good

Good variety of topics and delegates

Length of presentations ideal; catering excellent thanks

A friendly,informal group of scientists co-ordinated and attended this meeting makes for an enjoyable experience

A wide-ranging list of topics, good mix of different applications; thank you very enjoyable and informative, great location

Expert presenters with well-illustrated presentations

I enjoyed it a lot! Very professional (I) learnt a lot


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11th November 2014

JPAG Symposium at the APS UK PharmSci Conference 2014
A report is now available of the JPAG sessions held at the APS UK PharmSci Conference 2014 at the University of Hertfordshire on Monday 8th September.
The sessions were on "New medicines: future benefits and current analytical challenges"
15th September 2014

Can HPLC methods really be considered quality-critical tests?
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15th September 2014

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