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15th May 2014
Combating counterfeit medicines: a major and growing challenge to patient safety. Going global
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Counterfeit medicines - or more appropriately - fake medicines pose great dangers to society. Regrettably, fake medicines are not a new phenomenon. What is new, however, is the recent global escalation of both counterfeit prescriptions and consumer healthcare products.
This symposium provides a current and strategic overview of how industry and regulatory authorities in Europe and the US are addressing the rapidly growing counterfeiting challenge.
This symposium is run in partnership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society can register at the Members Rate.

3rd July 2014
Assuring the quality of medicines
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
The quality of the drug substance and the drug product is critical to ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines. If you have any role in ensuring the quality of medicines, do you have all the tools you need to resolve every-day quality issues?
Qualified Persons (QPs) have a critical role in releasing batches of pharmaceutical products. An understanding of the supply chain and manufacturing challenges is an essential component to the conduct of this role. This symposium takes a strategic look at solving everyday quality issues and the changing role of QPs.

16th October 2014
How similar must biosimilars be?
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
The analytical characterisation undertaken to support quality assessment of a biosimilar is identical to that required for any novel biopharmaceutical product but with a very important additional requirement – the need for a very comprehensive comparison with a licensed reference product.

If you are working with biopharmaceuticals, do you understand why this is so? What are the key factors that can differ between a biosimilar and an originator product? Why do the characterisation methods often differ? What effects do these differences have on the safety and efficacy of the biosimilar product?

Are you aware of the FDA draft guidance on "Scientific Considerations in Demonstrating Biosimilarity to a Reference Product" and its relationship to EMA guidance?

This symposium will identify and review the process of bringing these types of product to market and show how comparability needs to be demonstrated to gain regulatory approval. If your work involves the quality of biopharmaceuticals - and particularly if you are a QP – this is an event you must not miss.

28th April 2014
APS Amorphous by Design 2014
Bradford University
APS Amorphous by Design 2014: Characterisation and Processing of Amorphous Materials
Bradford University, Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th April 2014

16th April 2014
APS Industrial Insights 2014
AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, Cheshire
APS Industrial Insights is a specially designed two day event for undergraduate and postgraduate students exploring opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry and hosted at one of Europe’s most advanced pharmaceutical sciences facilities.
Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th April 2014

Combating counterfeit medicines: a major and growing challenge to patient safety
Thursday 15 May 2014
Last few weeks - register now!.

Pharmaceutical equivalence, therapeutic equivalence and the role of analytical science
Thursday 20 March 2014, London
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Geoffrey Phillips Analytical Science Award.
Open to young researchers presenting at the APS PharmSci Conference 2014. Abstract submission is in progress. Don't miss the deadline for your abstracts. See INFO for details.


Good speakers with a real flare and enthusiasm for their work, making the presentations very interesting [March 2012]

Overall it was a useful course and nice connection to the science and the advances in pharmaceutical analysis [March 2012]

Good venue and well organised – thanks [May 2012]

The facilities and refreshments/food were EXCELLENT – thank you [May 2012]

Very good symposium – many thanks [May 2012]

This was a very useful meeting with a wide range of interesting presentations [March 2013]

Good venue, good organisation [May 2013]

Most of the speakers made a general and quite useful introduction which allowed everyone to follow the presentation no matter the level; it was really easy to reach the location [May 2013]

I thought the symposium was very well balanced to cover all aspects of stability – hence it was all very useful [July 2013]

Good, well-organised and attended day, relevant presentations, interesting comments and discussion [July 2013]

Excellent venue, very good speakers and overall topics highly applicable [July 2013]

Excellent day; very fruitful discussions with new acquaintances [October 2013]

Venue, facilities and lunch were very good [October 2013]

Good variety of topics and delegates [October 2013]

Length of presentations ideal; catering excellent – thanks [October 2013]

A friendly,informal group of scientists co-ordinated and attended this meeting – makes for an enjoyable experience [February 2014]

A wide-ranging list of topics, good mix of different applications; thank you – very enjoyable and informative, great location [March 2014]


ICH Q3D Metals Guidelines: challenges and opportunities
This is a report of a meeting, organised by the Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group, that addressed ICH Q3D and what is required for companies to ensure that they have appropriate control over metals in their products. It brought together the views o...
24th March 2014

Life membership of JPAG
At the JPAG Annual General Meeting, Dr Arthur Andrews was awarded Life Membership of the Group in recognition of his significant contribution to the pharmaceutical analytical sciences.

Dr Andrew has served as Honorary Treasurer from 1993 u...
21st March 2014

ICH M7 Mutagenic impurities: a critical evaluation
JPAG presents the first article in 2014 in the series which is now a regular feature on this page. The aim is to you keep up to date with current developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

"ICH M7 Mutagenic impurities: a critical evaluati...
24th February 2014

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