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Listed below are the future JPAG meetings and selected partner meetings.
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Tuesday 28th November 2017
The pharmaceutical analysis postgraduate research awards and careers symposium
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
JPAG presents its inaugural pharmaceutical analysis symposium for postgraduate students and early career stage scientists. This will provide the opportunity for delegates to showcase their work and network with peers, academics and industrial scientists through podium and poster presentations.The best podium and poster presentations will be recognised with cash prizes up to 500 GBP.

There will also be plenary lectures by leading scientists and an industrial careers exhibition:

» Professor Melissa Hanna-Brown
Prof Hanna-Brown is Technology & Innovation EU Lead, Pfizer Worldwide R&D, Sandwich, UK and Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick, UK and President of the Analytical Division, Royal Society Chemistry, UK.
» Professor Trevor Jones CBE
Prof Jones is Chairman of the international Clinical Research Organisation, Simbec-Orion, a member of the Boards of the Global Life Sciences investment company; Arix Bioscience; the Oxford based Drug Discovery Company ,e-Therapeutics; and the UK Stem Cell Foundation (UKSCF) .Formerly he was Director of Allergan Inc (USA) and R&D Director of The Wellcome Foundation.

Prof Melissa Hanna-Brown - Pfizer Global R&D
Prof Trevor Jones - King's College London


Thursday 7th December 2017
Ensuring amorphous product quality: what are the challenges?
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Amorphous drug formulation offers great promise in improving drug solubility - a major challenge in drug development. However, poor physical stability and hard to predict crystallisation remains key barriers for the wider use of amorphous solid solution in the pharmaceutical industry.

This symposium will critically examine the challenges and opportunities lie in the analysis of amorphous formulation systems.
Leading industrialists and academics will be sharing their experiences in the development, manufacturing and quality assurance of amorphous products.
New analytical technologies for the prediction of amorphous stability and novel PAT will be discussed.

You will gain latest knowledges on the analysis and manufacturing of amorphous/solid solution products.
You may form new collaborations with experts across academic and industry.

Prof Gavin Andrews - Queens University Belfast
Prof Duncan Craig - University College London
Dr Korbinian Löbmann - University of Copenhagen
Dr Claire Pizzey - Diamond Light Source
Hans Platteeuw - Avivia
Dr Paul Royall - Kings College London
Dr Abhishek Singh - Johnson & Johnson
Dr Krzysztof Sollohub - Catalent


Thursday 8th February 2018
Cleaning validation
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Continuing our successful continuing programme of pharmaceutical analysis symposia, this meeting will focus on cleaning validation and is aimed at providing the latest regulatory expectations and best practice information in the domain of cleaning validation since the publication of the European Medicines Agency Shared Facilities Guideline and subsequent Q&A Document.

The meeting will explore cleaning validation requirements from a toxicologists perspective and also examine new facility design considerations to minimise the potential for cross contamination.

There will be ample opportunity to interact with the expert speakers during Q&A sessions and panel discussions throughout the day and informally during lunch and refreshment breaks.

This symposium will be of special interest to those engaged in Quality Control and Quality Assurance , Manufacturing and Validation in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry, NHS manufacturing units, Contract Manufacturing Organisations, consulting, academia, and anyone else concerned with the management and assessment of cleaning validation.


Thursday 15th March 2018
Continuous manufacturing
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Continuous manufacturing offers great promise in improving productivity, efficiency and the intrinsic quality of pharmaceutical products. However, despite strong regulatory support aimed at encouraging the early adoption of new technologies, which in turn would facilitate the application of modern quality management techniques to all aspects of pharmaceutical production and quality assurance; uptake by Industry has been very slow.
This symposium, held in partnership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, will critically examine some of the challenges and opportunities that arise from adopting continuous manufacturing. Leading regulators, industrialists and academics will be sharing their experiences in the development, manufacturing and quality assurance of continuous manufacturing.


Thursday 10th May 2018
From cradle to grave: the chromatographic (analytical) method life cycle
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
This meeting, jointly organised with the Chromatographic Society (Chrom Soc), will look to holistically examine the entire analytical method lifecycle. Each aspect of the cycle will be examined through the perspective of leading experts in each of these areas, aiming to give as a result a state of the art perspective on each area.


Thursday 28th June 2018
Harmonisation and application of BCS-based Guidance
Royal Society of Chemistry, London



See www.bmss.org.uk for details of forthcoming events

See www.ukclinicalpharmacy.org for details

Clinical Pharmacy Training Day
23rd November
The Queens, Leeds
For more information and to book: http://ukclinicalpharmacy.org/events/clinical-pharmacy-training-day/

UKCPA Conference 2017
24 – 25th November,
The Queens, Leeds
For more information and to book: http://ukclinicalpharmacy.org/events/ukcpa-conference/

Other UKCPA events being held:
· 10th October JoMO-UKCPA Diabetes Medicines Optimisation Workshop London
· ·8th December, Starting Out in Critical Care, Manchester Airport
· 19, Jan 2018, Leeds, UKCPA Foundation Course: Basic principles of pharmaceutical care
· 07, Feb 2018, London, Managing pain: Making it happen
· 09, Feb 2018, Birmingham, Infections of the liver, can we deal with them?
· 09, Mar 2018, London, Starting out in critical care
· 15, Jun 2018, Newcastle, Starting out in critical care
· 22, Jun 2018, London, Women's health - mind and body
· 21, Sep 2018, Birmingham, Infection Masterclass
· 25, Sep 2018, London, Caring for the elderly in care homes
· 28, Sep 2018, London, Critical Care advanced practitioner meeting
· 07, Dec 2018, Merseyside, Starting out in critical care

APS Developing Clinically Relevant Dissolution Specifications for Oral Drug Products - Industrial and Regulatory Perspectives
See https://www.apsgb.co.uk/ Events/20171107/Default.asp

All JPAG-hosted meetings award 4 hours of CPD points.

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We always seek feedback from delegates attending JPAG events through an Evaluation form.

A recent analysis of the results has shown that more than 95% of attendees thought that JPAG meetings were well planned, relevant and met their main objectives, and would recommend JPAG meetings to colleagues


I thought the meeting was really excellent with informative presentations. The best meeting I have attended in a long time (May 2017)

As ever, JPAG delivers! (March 2017)

The day as a whole was thought-provoking and exceeded expectations, and has been very informative (March 2017)

Really good symposium with strong presentations and thought-provoking; lots to take away and consider (March 2017)

Well-organised and stimulating (February 2017)

Excellent programme of speakers and relevant topics (October 2016)

The JPAG seminars are very good but this time you have exceeded expectations; the selection of speakers, the presentations and focus on topics have been excellent (October 2016)

Excellent meeting covering a complex topic (QBD) thoroughly (June 2016)

Well organised, laid back in a good way; friendly, as usual (March 2016)

Very enjoyable and thought-provoking day; going away with plenty of notes and specific items for discussion (October 2015)

I have not attended a bad JPAG meeting yet. They are really good value for money and I really love to get the presentations as PDFs (June 2015)

Excellent meeting, challenging and thought provoking. The organisation was excellent, thanks to all the efforts that JPAG team have made (March 2015)

Very well run meeting; posters and panel discussion very good addition to usual format; very authoritative speakers; nice variety of topics (March 2015)

I enjoyed it a lot! Very professional - I learnt a lot (December 2014)

Excellent symposium; good variation of speakers and content; enjoyable networking opportunity; best one I have attended; good interactive crowd re QP discretion (July 2014)

Expert presenters with well-illustrated presentations (May 2014)

A wide-ranging list of topics, good mix of different applications; thank you - very enjoyable and informative, great location (March 2014)

A friendly,informal group of scientists coordinated and attended this meeting - makes for an enjoyable experience (February 2014)

JPAG plans and delivers events that address all aspects of pharmaceutical analysis and related facets of medicine control & registration.


Delegates at a symposium held at the Royal Society of Chemistry

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