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Thursday 7th February 2019
Accelerated development and approval
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
This symposium offers a diverse programme of talks to look at many facets of drug development programmes, and how analytical science can assist, or is impacted by, the desire to reduce the time taken to get a product to market.

Acceleration of drug development programmes is a common theme whether for smaller companies, or for the larger bio-pharmaceutical players. Reduced time for product development can lead to reduced process experience, fewer clinical batches and increasing the numbers of dependent activities that are run in parallel. Each of these factors may impact analytical scientists, whether in reduced time to develop methods and specifications, limited real-time product stability data, or in increased volume of samples that are generated in short periods of time.

Analytical data are the key currency in managing business risk, as companies seek to register products in short time-frames, whilst maintaining the highest quality demanded by the patients and regulators, and limiting costs to shareholders. Each organisation has its own challenges, but by bringing together CRO, SME and large bio-pharma to share ideas for acceleration, delegates may be inspired to do things differently when they return to their own environment.

By inviting speakers to focus on how new ways of working has impacted their ability to accelerate a product through to commercialisation, delegates will hear a wide range of ideas that could be applied in their workplace, together with a realistic assessment of whether the key factors of cost, quality and speed have improved.

Neil Clayton - Pfizer
Dr Paul Newby - GlaxoSmithKline
Dr Daniel OConnor - MHRA
Henk Poelman - PRA Health Sciences
Dr Matt Popkin - GlaxoSmithKline
Dr Przemek Stasica - GlaxoSmithKline
Dr Andrew Teasdale - AstraZeneca
Dr Helen Wheatcroft - AstraZeneca



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Symposium - October 2011

Delegates at a symposium held at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

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