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Thursday 22nd June 2017
Counterfeit medicines
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
It is now widely accepted that counterfeiting is a huge and growing challenge of global proportion.

It is hardly surprising just how attractive pharmaceutical sector is to the counterfeiting community, with a current estimated sales value of~ $ 1TN per annum, populated by product units with few distinguishing features, generating a combined income in excess of 15% of total annual sales of pharmaceuticals.

However, society’s real concerns today are not just the loss of revenue. They lie in:
• the massive negative impact counterfeit products are having on patient safety and confidence
• the total impact such counterfeits are adding the overall cost of healthcare
• the inability of current approaches to even start to stem these trends
all of which are now seriously compromising the hard-earned improvement in life expectancy that authentic pharmaceuticals have been pivotal to delivering over the last 50 years.

This symposium will take an overview of the problems authenticity must address from three different perspectives:
• The problem Globally
• The critical role of Discovery and Compliance
• The key role that authentic APIs play in Risk Management
each of which will be supported by relevant case studies.

In particular this overview will examine the need for the beneficiary, the patient
to play a pivotal role in the solution.

Andrew Davies - NHS Improvement
Michael Deats - W.H.O.
Adam Harris - Quintiles IMS
Prof Trevor Jones - King's College London
Kyle Leeman - Pfizer
Kenneth Leiper - Benson Associates
Dr Per Troein - Quintiles IMS
Dr Steve Wicks - Medway Centre for Pharmaceutical Sciences



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Symposium - October 2011

Delegates at a symposium held at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

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