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Thursday 8th December 2011
Predictive tools in the development of solid oral dosage forms
Astronomical Society
Predictive modelling approaches are demonstrating increasing value throughout the product development cycle, from the prediction of physiochemical properties
of potential drug candidates in discovery, through the prediction of product characteristics and performance during clinical development, to the understanding of powder behaviour during large-scale manufacture.

This one-day symposium will explore how predictive tools can be used to
accelerate and reduce the risk during development of solid oral dosage forms and obtain maximum value from analytical measurements.

09.30 Registration and coffee
10.00 Introduction
Ken Leiper, Chairman, Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group
10.05 Prediction of solubility, permeability and other critical properties of drug candidates
Dr David Elder, GSK, Stevenage, UK
10.40 How can predictive approaches expedite early formulation development?
Dr Marcus Brewster, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium

11.15 Short break (no refreshments)
11.25 In silico prediction of chemical degradation pathways
Martin Ott, Lhasa Limited, UK
12.00 Chemical stability prediction and expedited shelf-life assignment
Garry Scrivens, Pfizer, Sandwich, UK
12.35 Lunch, exhibition* and poster viewing***
13.35 Predictive modelling in the development of analytical methods
Dr Roman Szucs, Pfizer, Sandwich, UK
14.10 Recent developments in the prediction of in-vivo performance of solid dosage
forms from in-vitro dissolution
Dr Nikoletta Fotaki, University of Bath
14.45 Tea break
15.20 Predictive models for the optimisation of particle properties with potential impact
on solid dosage form performance
Dr James Elliott, University of Cambridge
15.55 Simulation of bulk powder processing during solid dosage form manufacture
Dr. Chuan-yu Wu , University of Birmingham
16.30 Closing remarks
Ken Leiper, Chairman, Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group
16.40 Close



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