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Thursday 23rd March 2023
Companion diagnostics for precision medicine
Royal Society of Chemistry, London

This one-day symposium will address the development and need for companion diagnostics (CDx) for precision medicine applications. Companion diagnostics are becoming more and more important with time together with the growth of targeted therapies. Precision medicine approach aims to stratify patients with the ultimate aim of targeting patients who are most likely to respond to a specific treatment. Currently, CDx are used for many diseases lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and melanoma.

At this symposium, delegates will be able to explore the current state of the art in vitro diagnostic tests used by the industry and explore the different scientific measurements that are needed to develop and deliver a CDx into the market.

CDx is a platform technology and can be used for many other diseases, join us and lets discuss the future of healthcare and personalised treatment.

Prof Felicity Boardman - University of Warwick
Dr Graham Fews - West Midlands Regional Genetics Lab / NHS
Prof George Hanna - Imperial College London
Prof Lorna Harries - University of Exeter / SENISCA
Dr Dahlia Salman - Bioxhale ltd
Dr Elizabeth Young - NHS
Prof Philip Young - University of Warwick


Thursday 11th May 2023
The future of spectroscopy: new capabilities and new applications
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
The 21st century have been witnessing an industrial revolution (industry 4.0) where digitisation, data-driven/AI-assisted automation and novel applications have emerged. Spectroscopic techniques offer simplicity, speed and specificity in characterising a wide variety of substances within pharmaceutical and other industries and has been playing an important part in this revolution.

In this special one-day symposium jointly organised by the Molecular Spectroscopy Group and Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group, we will discuss the newly emerged/emerging capabilities and applications of novel spectroscopic techniques in the pharmaceutical industry.



Thursday 8th December 2022
Regulatory Hot Topics VII
Royal Society of Chemistry, London

This symposium will address issues and challenges associated with the implementation of updated, new and emerging guidelines. It will provide and excellent opportunity for dialogue, discussion and debate with speakers and the peer group in an open forum.

Delegates will be able to understand, interpret and translate into day-to-day practice the guidance on various key topics.

An excellent opportunity to learn from expert speakers involved in the development of the guidance and best practice in these challenging subject areas.

This event will be in-person only, at RSC, London.


Our only sponsors are our parent professional bodies:

Companion diagnostics for precision medicine
Thursday 23rd March 2023


The future of spectroscopy: new capabilities and new applications
Thursday 11th May 2023


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Very enjoyable and thought-provoking day; going away with plenty of notes and specific items for discussion.

Excellent meeting, challenging and thought provoking. The organisation was excellent, thanks to all the efforts that JPAG team have made.

I have not attended a bad JPAG meeting yet. They are really good value for money and I really love to get the presentations as PDFs

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As the UK government has removed all restrictions on coronavirus measures, JPAG is now holding in-person meetings at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London.

To accommodate delegates from countries where restrictions are still in place, JPAG is offering virtual attendance in most of our symposia (subjected to availability offered by the venue) at the same cost.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact events@jpag.org


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