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Thursday 24th March 2022
Challenges in the Development of Drug Delivery Devices

Drug-Device combination products such as inhalers, nasal sprays and autoinjectors present a range of unique challenges for their successful development and analysis. Effective performance testing is critical for understanding the quality of these products, with critical quality attributes often limited by device performance as much as traditional chemical stability trends.

In this event our expert speakers will discuss the current trends in the analysis of these complex products. Topics will include test automation, current inhaled in-vitro bioequivalence techniques, and the latest regulatory perspectives from the MHRA.

Andrew Grant - Andrew Grant Associates
David Harris - Cambridge Healthcare Innovations
Shah Jahan - Astech Projects
Mark Parry - Intertek
Dr John Pritchard - Inspiring Strategies
Dr Marion Westwood - MHRA


Thursday 7th April 2022
Automation of sample preparation

In recent years, most of the innovation seen in the pharmaceutical analysis arena has been on the instrumentation used for measurement and the analysis and interpretation of the data generated. At the same time the molecules coming out of discovery chemistry (often with poor solubility and / or bioavailability), are requiring formulators to develop sample matrices that are becoming increasingly complicated - including but not limited to amorphous solid dispersions, holt-melt extrudates and extended-release formulations. Extraction from these types of samples can be extremely challenging in terms of efficiency, reproducibility, cost, and transferability.

This JPAG symposium will discuss some of the challenges in the topic of sample preparation and provide examples of potential solutions in the form of innovative instrumentation, automation, and the application of existing methodology to inform and educate the audience about advances in sample preparation.


Thursday 12th May 2022
Antibody Drug Conjugate: The new science
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) are an exciting and challenging new area of research and are becoming ever more popular across the industry with more than 100 ADCs reported in the clinic. The targeted nature of the molecules makes them extremely suitable for delivering toxic molecules to the biological target.
However the complexity of the molecules and the lack of regulatory experience increases the complexity in discovery and development across all disciplines.
This symposium brings together experts from across the industry to share their knowledge and learning for an engaging and exciting meeting.


Thursday 30th June 2022
Stability VI
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Continuing our successful series of stability meetings, this event is essential for anyone concerned with the management and assessment of drug stability. We have a group of expert speakers from academia, the regulator and industry who will provide background information, case studies and innovative approaches to stability testing. Posters are invited from industry and academia on any stability topics to facilitate additional interaction between attendees and speakers. The afternoon session will be split into smaller workshops on "hot" stability topics to allow active dialogue between delegates which will be summarised and closed out by a panel discussion.



Thursday 9th December 2021
Regulatory Hot Topics VI
VIRTUAL EVENT : 1pm-4:30pm (UK GMT)

This symposium will address issues and challenges associated with the implementation of new and emerging guidelines. It will provide an excellent opportunity for dialogue, discussion and debate with speakers - several of whom have been very actively involved in shaping the guidance - and the peer group in an open forum.

Delegates will be able to understand, interpret and translate into day-to-day practice the guidance on various key emerging topics.

An excellent opportunity to learn from expert speakers involved in the development of the guidances on these key topics.


Our only sponsors are our parent professional bodies:


Challenges in the Development of Drug Delivery Devices
Thursday 24th March 2022
Virtual event

Automation of sample preparation
Thursday 7th April 2022
Virtual event

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Very enjoyable and thought-provoking day; going away with plenty of notes and specific items for discussion.

Excellent meeting, challenging and thought provoking. The organisation was excellent, thanks to all the efforts that JPAG team have made.

I have not attended a bad JPAG meeting yet. They are really good value for money and I really love to get the presentations as PDFs

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In line with the government advice on social distancing, JPAG has had to take a decision about its future programme of events. Therefore for the forseeable future no symposia will take place as conventional meetings.

JPAG has been working hard to offer its symposia as on-line events, and following a series of very successful virtual symposia events in 2020, we look forward to bringing you more great impactful virtual and in-person symposia events this year.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events soon.


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