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Thursday 16th May 2024
Paediatric Medicines: New and innovative Development Approaches
Royal Society of Chemistry, London

Development of paediatric formulations is linked to many challenges related to safety, efficacy, acceptability and patient adherence. The latter is a major challenge often dismissed in studies that particularly focus on the safety and efficacy of medicines. In addition, adherence can vary depending on the formulation and route of administration e.g. oral, parenteral, inhalation, etc…

This symposium focuses on integrated approaches across academia and industry to address challenges in the development, safety and efficacy of paediatric formulations and includes the key themes below:
- Safety of paediatric formulations
- Age appropriate formulations
- Challenges in paediatric drug delivery and clinical trials
- Advances in oral paediatric medicines
- Formulation development and characterisation of paediatric formulations
- Analysis in complex matrixes
- Taste assessment of formulation: acceptability versus safety
- Regulatory aspects

Call for posters

We would like to open the call for poster abstracts related to these themes.

Poster submissions are welcome for new or previously presented work and should be submitted by the end of March via events@jpag.org. Abstracts will be reviewed upon submission and authors will be notified by email if their abstract has been accepted or, if revisions are required, feedback will be provided. Authors will be expected to address any feedback / recommendations and conditions of acceptance prior to final submission.

Key dates:

Abstract submission deadline: 15th April 24

Posters will be on display during the day and poster presenters are encouraged to be available for discussion during break times. More information about poster submission can be found here.

Dr Sara Arenas-lopez - Paediatric Critical Care, Evelina London
John Bardsley - Thistle Pharma Limited
Dr Hannah Batchelor - Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Joanne Botterill - Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca
Elizabeth Galella - Bristol Myers Squibb
Sian Gaze - Medicine and Neonatology, Evelina London
Dr Dan Hawcutt - Alder Hey Childrens Hospital
Dr Alice McCloskey - Liverpool John Moores University
Dr Shiva Ramroop - Team lead for Paediatric Unit HQA, MHRA
Dr Catherine Tuleu - University College London


Thursday 11th July 2024
Laboratories of the Future
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
The integration of the pharmaceutical industry with Industry 4.0 boosted pharmaceutical development that became digitised and has connected industry in all aspects related to manufacturing, product development and testing. As such automation, robotics, big data and machine learning have become key players in the pharmaceutical product lifecycle. This symposium will highlight the advancement of laboratories in terms of quality and efficiency in Industry 4.0 relating to automation, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and robotics.

Key themes could include:
- Evolution of pharmaceutical processes from industry 1.0 to 4.0
- Smart manufacturing systems: Pros and Cons
- Enhancing pre-clinical and clinical studies with artificial intelligence
- Fundamentals of in silico testing
- Managing analytical workflow in digital laboratories
- Role of click chemistry in product development
- Robot arms in sample preparation and measurement
- Use of analytical software in Smart Phone Apps
- Machine learning and Artificial Intelligent for analysis of pharmaceutical data
- Development of biomarkers for monitoring human health
- Personalised medicines and dosage forms
- Sustainability – not fully embedded? Driver for change?

The meeting is open to the submission of abstracts for oral presentations or posters in line with the above proposed key themes.


Thursday 26th September 2024
Continuous Manufacturing and Analytical Strategy
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Continuous manufacturing offers great promise in improving productivity, efficiency and the intrinsic quality of both active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulated products.
This symposium will critically examine some of the analytical and quality challenges and opportunities that arise from adopting continuous manufacturing, with examples of how to address them. The symposium also presents an introduction to ICH Q13 and its impact on pharmaceutical analysis.
Leading regulators, industrialists and academics will be sharing their experiences in the development, manufacturing and quality assurance of continuous manufacturing of drug substances and drug products.

The meeting is open to the submission of abstracts for oral presentations or posters in line with the above proposed key themes.


COLLABORATIVE EVENT: Wednesday 4th September 2024
University of Huddersfield



Thursday 21st March 2024
Considering the raw materials: API & Excipients
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
Raw materials, APIs and excipients play an important role in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products therefore it is important to assess and monitor quality of these materials throughout the product lifecycle. This symposium will present an overview of testing and risk assessment of these pharmaceutical product components throughout the life cycle with presentations and a panel discussion covering topics related to our key themes below:
- pharmacopoeial monographs for assessing raw materials
- regulatory perspectives (ICH Q7, ICH Q11) covering aspects for small molecules, biologics and ATMPs
- risk assessment of raw materials
- Good Manufacturing Practice
- physical testing including incoming receipt of API & excipients
- method optimisation and development
- stability of APIs
- supply chain impact & resilience
- sustainability

The meeting is open to the submission of "poster abstracts for Mar-24" and "questions for the Mar-24 panel" in line with the above proposed key themes, as per our guidance on the information page.


Our sponsors are our parent professional bodies:

Paediatric Medicines: New and innovative Development Approaches
Thursday 16th May 2024


Laboratories of the Future
Thursday 11th July 2024


Continuous Manufacturing and Analytical Strategy
Thursday 26th September 2024


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Very enjoyable and thought-provoking day; going away with plenty of notes and specific items for discussion.

Excellent meeting, challenging and thought provoking. The organisation was excellent, thanks to all the efforts that JPAG team have made.

I have not attended a bad JPAG meeting yet. They are really good value for money and I really love to get the presentations as PDFs

I did appreciate receiving the slides before, as then I could print them and make notes around them during the symposium.

Getting an industry perspective on this topic was most helpful.

I appreciate having access to relevant JPAG seminars from overseas; provision of lectures beforehand to allow reading beforehand.

I did like having the presentations available early, with the webinar portion being focused on Q&A.

Fantastic to hear from NHS speaker, provides real insight to patient/clinician considerations that we don't necessarily see in industry.

From attendee perspective, the course did not take up the whole day as no travel necessary and overall good value for money.

Hearing the information from the clinical setting side was very useful.

Well organized. This was an amazing session. Prior sharing of the presentation was a great add on!

The most useful aspect of the webinar was the variety in the presentations across industry and the regulators. Really good to review the presentations beforehand.

Good value, well organised symposium. Always useful for focused topics.

A very good day. Enjoyed getting to speak to the presenters to discuss current challenges in industry.

Well done to all the speakers and the organisers for being able to successfully hold highly informative conferences virtually! (July 2020)

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As the UK government has removed all restrictions on coronavirus measures, JPAG is now holding in-person meetings at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London.

To accommodate delegates from countries where restrictions are still in place, JPAG is offering virtual attendance in most of our symposia (subjected to availability offered by the venue) at the same cost.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact events@jpag.org


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