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Thursday 3rd December 2020
Data integrity II


Data integrity still continues to be a very hot topic for Industry and regulators alike. Data integrity still appears in the list of top five audit findings. This is a must attend meeting for anyone involved in addressing issues and challenges associated with data integrity.

The issue of data integrity from an Industry and Regulatory compliance perspective will be discussed. The presentations will deal with the main audit findings and how to address them. The concept of data integrity by design; the do's and don'ts will be discussed. This will be followed by phase appropriate data integrity considerations. Much data is now stored in the "cloud" and some of the key findings in this emerging area will be discussed. Many of the key data integrity concerns reside within analytical instruments and how to ensure that historical data cannot be manipulated, over-written or deleted. Many of these problems can be circumvented by better alignment between the laboratory work processes and data gathering.

Hear from industry experts and regulators regarding the critical issues and practical applications
• Learn how your peer group solved specific challenges,and how they plan to make further improvements
• Validate your approach and ensure that you are going in the right direction, knowing how to tackle the
key obstacles
• Have the opportunity to engage in powerful networking with top-level thought leading speakers
and professionals
• Position yourself for a fast track to success
You will leave this event with:
• Best practice and case studies from top opinion leaders in the MHRA and industry
• New connections to experts in the field that you can use to aid your understanding and the successful
implementation of these key areas

Dr Ian Clegg - Bruker
Dr Vanessa Grant - AstraZeneca
Martin Hall - Covance
Colin Robinson - Pfizer
Dr Jim Silva - Pfizer
Jason Wakelin-Smith - MHRA
Greg Webber - GlaxoSmithKline


There will be an opportunity to present posters on the broad subject area of the symposium, subject to acceptance of a submitted abstract.
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Delegate fees include registration, documentation, lunch and refreshments.

Concession : £ 45.00
Exhibitor GOLD : £ 1200.00
Exhibitor SILVER : £ 850.00
Exhibitor-BRONZE : £ 700.00
Member : £ 195.00
Non-Member : £ 295.00
Student : £ 45.00
Student Group via Supervisor : £ 30.00

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact us: events@jpag.org.

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SUBJECT: JPAG Symposium: Data integrity II / Thursday 3rd December 2020 / VIRTUAL EVENT : 1pm-4pm (UK GMT)

TITLE OF EVENT: Data integrity II

DATE OF EVENT: Thursday 3rd December 2020

EVENT LINK: https://www.jpag.org/116



ORGANISED BY: Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group

WEB LINK: https://www.jpag.org/

SPONSORS: Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry

CONTACT: Hon Events Secretary JPAG, events@jpag.org

Dr Ian Clegg - Bruker
Dr Vanessa Grant - AstraZeneca
Martin Hall - Covance
Colin Robinson - Pfizer
Dr Jim Silva - Pfizer
Jason Wakelin-Smith - MHRA
Greg Webber - GlaxoSmithKline


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A very good day. Enjoyed getting to speak to the presenters to discuss current challenges in industry. (December 2019)

A good, well planned and interesting meeting. (December 2019)

Good networking opportunities (December 2019)

Great panel discussions.(October 2019)

One of the best JPAG meetings I have attended in 20 years. Very topical with the nitrosamine discussions.(October 2019)

Great to get the industry presentations/perspective coming from a regulator. (September 2019)

Industry experts giving case studies, very useful to share experience and learn from one another. (September 2019)

Excellent range of speakers all very knowledgeable in their field, a great overview.(May 2019)

Very educational.(May 2019)

Number and length of talks was perfect. Not too much not too little. (March 2019)

Opportunity to network with people across industry on a common topic – very valuable to hear their views and challenge. (March 2019)

Speakers knowledge very good, event is well laid out. (March 2019)

Great to see findings of other companies / Groups to common issues in stability. (March 2019)

I really like JPAG meetings as they are presenters from industry/MHRA.(February 2019)

Good speakers, good slides, opportunity to speak with attendees (February 2019)

Excellent quality discussions and speakers. (December 2018)

Really enjoyed first session that I have attended and based on today, would be hoping to attend more.(December 2018)

Well organised conference. I will look forward to further JPAG meetings in the future. Perhaps a follow up meeting in a few years (October 2018)

One of the better seminars I have attended (March 2018)

Very good vegetarian option for lunch, great venue! Very central and excellent organisation of the event (March 2018).

Good first experience of a JPAG symposium (February 2018)

Excellent programme, high-quality speakers, great variety; overall, highly valuable (February 2018)

Overall, learned a lot today, reinforcing my existing knowledge of cleaning validation (February 2018)

I thought the meeting was really excellent with informative presentations. The best meeting I have attended in a long time (May 2017)

As ever, JPAG delivers! (March 2017)

The day as a whole was thought-provoking and exceeded expectations, and has been very informative (March 2017)

Really good symposium with strong presentations and thought-provoking; lots to take away and consider (March 2017)

Well-organised and stimulating (February 2017)

Excellent programme of speakers and relevant topics (October 2016)

The JPAG seminars are very good but this time you have exceeded expectations; the selection of speakers, the presentations and focus on topics have been excellent (October 2016)

Excellent meeting covering a complex topic (QBD) thoroughly (June 2016)

Well organised, laid back in a good way; friendly, as usual (March 2016)

Very enjoyable and thought-provoking day; going away with plenty of notes and specific items for discussion (October 2015)

I have not attended a bad JPAG meeting yet. They are really good value for money and I really love to get the presentations as PDFs (June 2015)

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