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Wednesday 17th November 2021
The JPAG pharmaceutical analysis research awards 2021
VIRTUAL EVENT : 1pm-4:45pm (UK GMT)

JPAG presents the pharmaceutical analysis symposium for postgraduate students and early career stage scientists, including those in industry. This will provide the opportunity for delegates to showcase their work and network with peers, academics and industrial scientists through oral and poster presentations. There will be a £1,000 first prize and £250 second prize for the best oral presentations as well as £200 first prize and two runner-up prizes of £100 for the best posters. Registration is free for all students, early career stage scientists and their supervisors/managers, but we highly encourage students and early career stage scientists delegates to submit an abstract for poster or oral presentation to this exciting annual JPAG event.

The deadline for submission of abstracts has now passed

Keynote speaker: Prof David Cowan OBE FKC FRPharmS FRSB, King's College London
Professor David Cowan holds a personal chair in Pharmaceutical Toxicology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society , the Royal Society of Biology and King’s College London. He is the former director of the Drug Control Centre and was its co-founder; this is the only laboratory in the UK to be accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and formerly the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to analyse samples from sports competitors. It was the first anti-doping laboratory in the world to be accredited to ISO 17025. He was Head of Department of Forensic Science and Drug Monitoring at King’s College London from 2002-2011. He directed the laboratory that analysed the samples collected at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.
He served on the IOC Medical Commission and its Games Group from 2000 until 2018. He was the first president of the World Association of Anti-Doping Scientists. He was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to anti-doping science in 2016. Other awards include the IOC Trophy for Sport Ethics by the British Olympic Association in 1998, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year Award in 2013 and the Larry D. Bowers Award for Excellence in Anti-Doping Science Presented by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in 2019.
He currently sits on several national and international committees including the WADA Endocrine Analytics working group, the Partnership for Clean Competition Collagen Turnover working group and the UK Anti-Doping Innovation Commission.
He has an extensive background in bioanalysis with special emphasis on chromatography coupled mass spectrometry and his current research interests include protein quantification in biological matrices using LC-MS.

In addition, held on-line one day before this awards Symposium, there will be a Networking and Careers Fair with the opportunity to meet on-line with big industry pharma and other key contacts and take advantage of the great networking opportunities. This could be the event to provide a step-change to your professional career. Your future employer could be here.

Further details on both the awards symposium and the careers fair will appear here soon.

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The deadline for submission of abstracts has now passed

This is an opportunity to win a prize for your research work and showcase it to others. It is a real chance to give your career a big lift to a new level, if your future employer is watching.
Following the success in past years of the pharmaceutical analysis symposia for postgraduate/undergraduate students and early career stage scientists, JPAG announces this year's event.

The careers fair will be held on Tuesday 16th November 2021 and the Awards symposium will take place on Wednesday 17th November 2021. Both will be held virtually.

The symposium will provide the opportunity for delegates to showcase their work - either as an oral or poster presentation - to a network of peers, academics and industrial scientists. This is the time to showcase your work to a friendly, sympathetic audience. Presentations that have been given at another conference within the last 12 months are eligible.

Free registration is available for all.

The Geoffrey Phillips Analytical Science Award *, with a bursary of up to £1,000, will be awarded for the best oral presentation, and there will be a cash prize of £ 250 for the runner-up. There will also be a cash prize of £200 for the best poster presentation and two cash prizes of £100 each for the runners-up.

* The winner of the Geoffrey Phillips Award is presented with a bursary of up to £ 1000. Please note that because of the Covid-19 pandemic the use to which the bursary can be put has been changed, as follows. The purpose of the Award is to provide a bursary to enable the recipient to benefit from a relevant programme of personal professional development. This may include, but not be limited to, registration for any number of on-line seminars or courses. Full terms and conditions may be found here.

Early career stage scientists with less than 10 years postgraduate experience are eligible for all the prizes.

Abstracts for oral or poster presentation should relate to the analysis of drugs in all forms. This is interpreted very widely and includes:
• method development
• the novel use of techniques
• pharmaceuticals
• material science
• forensics and enforcement
• process chemistry
• therapeutic drug monitoring
• in silico prediction
• excipient characterisation
• formulation and development
• any other related drug topic

The deadline for submission of abstracts has now passed

» More details, including how to submit an abstract, are found by clicking 'Abstracts' on the blue tabs above.

Registration and concessions
Complimentary registration is available for all delegates.
» To register, click on the REGISTER NOW button below.

The deadline for submission of abstracts has now passed
» A sample abstract can be downloaded here.
If you want to do so, you can SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT.

Abstracts submitted for oral or poster presentation should relate to the use of analytical measurements in the characterisation or quality control of active substances and drug products. These include:
• method development
• the novel use of techniques
• pharmaceuticals
• material science
• forensics and enforcement
• process chemistry
• therapeutic drug monitoring
• in silico prediction
• excipient characterisation
• formulation and development
• any other related drug topic

1. Abstracts should include the following: Abstract title, Authors and affiliations (with the presenting author underlined), Objectives or Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions and References. The abstract, including references, should not exceed one page of 12-point text.
2. Abstracts must communicate a clear scientific message and contain quantitative or qualitative data. Abstracts which promote any product or service will not be accepted.
3. All necessary approvals must have been obtained, including those from industrial sponsors, where appropriate, prior to submission. Any research communicated that required ethical approval must state that approval has been obtained from the relevant local ethics committee.
4. To submit an abstract, click on the SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT button below and complete the details. This will generate an e-mail. Attach the abstract to the e-mail as a Word document attachment and send the e-mail. The abstract will be acknowledged upon receipt and will be reviewed for acceptance.
5. By submitting the abstract the author agrees that the abstract will be made available at the event, and also on the JPAG website.
The corresponding author will be notified of the outcome soon after the submission closing date.

» A sample abstract can be downloaded here.

Oral presentations
Presenters will be allowed 15 minute for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

Poster presentations
Posters should be prepared for presentation for display on a poster board 1800 mm high x 900 mm wide (portrait format) and preferably in A0 size. Posters must be clear and self-explanatory. Lettering must be readable at 2 metres (suggested minimum height of characters 8 mm, minimum line width 0.7 mm). Posters should be put up using Velcro (supplied) by 10.30 h on the day of the symposium and taken down by 17.00h. The presenter should be available at the poster board during the lunch and refreshment breaks.

» A sample abstract can be downloaded here.

If you want to do so, you can SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT.
Careers Fair and Networking
As well as the presentation and awards, the event will host a Careers Fair and give all delegates, postgraduate and undergraduate, the opportunity to meet with big industry pharma and other key contacts. This could be the event to give your career a lift to the next level and meet your future employer.

So, even if you do not have any work to present on this occasion, there will be great networking opportunities.

Delegates at the event will be given the opportunity to meet one-to-one with representatives from a number of companies to discuss potential career opportunities and to discuss your CV, so make sure you bring plenty of copies along!
There will also be a presentation from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Careers Specialists on 'Job hunting in the pharmaceutical industry'. They will also conduct a 'CV Surgery' for RSC members which are one-to-one discussions for members to find out how to present a good CV. Additionally, there will be an RSC specialist on hand to give advice on becoming an CChem Chartered Chemist.

Register for this event today.
» To register, click on the REGISTER NOW button below.

The Careers symposium, running alongside the Research Awards, is a great place for representatives of your company to meet early career scientists who are looking for advice on how to progress their careers. You will have the opportunity to meet postgraduate students who are carrying out innovative research, of whom are planning their future careers and may be interested in your company.

If you are looking to appoint the best researchers for your company in the near future, this event could provide an excellent opportunity to meet some of the brightest early career scientists and learn about their research work. There will be opportunities for discussions in an informal environment, and to provide advice about career development in the pharmaceutical industry.

JPAG would like to invite your company to attend this symposium and gain the opportunity to meet with some of our brightest students, potentially high quality employees, and offer advice about career development. You will be able to send up to four delegates (subject to availability) who will be able to advise students on career opportunities.

The event is open to all students, some of whom will be presenting their research work and competing for awards. Delegates, postgraduate and undergraduate, will be able to meet informally with leading pharmaceutical and analytical equipment companies to discuss career opportunities in industry and receive advice on career progression.

Gaining access to potentially high quality recruits is important, so we hope that you will choose to attend.

If so then please register now:

Alternatively if you would prefer to discuss the event further then please send your enquiry by email to events@jpag.org

Also, if you have early-career scientists in your organisation who you think might qualify for entry for the award then please encourage them to submit an abstract.

Past symposia
What did delegates say about their experience of past symposia?
• The symposium provided an opportunity to learn more about pharma and current developments.
• The careers fair was excellent and informative.
• The opportunities to speak to careers advisors were very useful.
• The company representative gave tailored advice and asked for a CV.

Companies and organisations attending these events were:
Almac, AstraZeneca, Envigo, GlaxoSmithKline, MHRA, Mylan, Pfizer and Pharmaron

It has been another successful year for the Pharmaceutical Analysis Research Awards and Careers Symposium held virtually on Tuesday 17th November 2020. Over 50 delegates attended the meeting with a highly inspirational keynote lecture, six high-quality podium presentations and twelve poster presentations by early career, PhD and industrial researchers.

The winner of the THE GEOFFREY PHILLIPS ANALYTICAL SCIENCE AWARD for the best podium presentation has been announced. The winner was Mr Thomas Hibbard, University of Reading, who gave a presentation on "Solid state modification of ciprofloxacin for high dose dry powder inhalation". Thomas received a certificate and a bursary of up to £1,000 to support attendance at a conference of his choice.

The highly commended podium award of £250 was made to Ms Rhamiya Mahendran, University of Hertfordshire, for her presentation on "Screening the biological activity of trans-stilbene benzenesulfonamide analogues".

The winner of the best poster award of £200 was Mr Zachary Enlo-Scott, King's College London, for his presentation on "Computational prediction of xenobiotic respiratory bioavailability in an occupational exposure setting".

Commended poster awards, each of £100 were made to Mr Mohammed Alsalhi, King's College London, for his presentation on "Molecular interaction and complexation of indomethacin with various amino acids" and to Ms Hannah Caruthers, University of Strathclyde/ Pfizer UK, for her presentation on "Three-dimensional spectroscopic chemical imaging of pharmaceutical tablets".

The awards were presented by Dr Amira Guirguis. Many congratulations to all of the 2020 award winners.




Because of the current Covid-19 situation, the events will run as a virtual (on-line) event.

Q. What is the format of the event?
A. This year the Careers Fair and the Research Awards are held on separate days, Tuesday 16th November and Wednesday 17th November, respectively.

Q. Do I have to register separately for each?
A. Yes, you should register for each event. You can register to attend either of the individual events, or both of the events.

Q, What is the registration fee?
A. Both events are free.


Q. When will the event start and end?
A. The on-line Research Awards will start at 13.00 h and end at 16.45 h with the announcement of prize winners on Wednesday 17th November

Q. I wish to submit an abstract; how do I do this?
A. Click on this link to submit an abstract


Q. When will the event start and end?
A. The on-line Careers Fair will start at 12.30 h and end at 17.00 h on Tuesday 16th November

Q. How will the Careers Forum work?
A. We will be using the Zoom breakout room platform. There will be a number of virtual 'stations' staffed by careers advisors

Q. How long do I have with each person?
A. We expect you to have 10 minutes with each careers advisor

Q. Do I need to bring copies of my CV?
A. We recommend that you do so

Q. What is expected of me before I am interviewed?
A. Prepare a few questions for the careers advisor in advance; be prepared to give a short statement of your particular skills

Q. How many and which organisations will be present?
A. These details will appear in advance on the JPAG website. Last year we had the following companies: Almac, AstraZeneca, Envigo, GlaxoSmithKline, MHRA, Mylan and Pfizer

Q. How many career interviews can I have?
A. Depending on demand, you should have the opportunity to meet up to five Careers Advisors

Q. Are there any relevant web sites of the organisation concerned that I can look at before I come?
A. Please watch for details on the website

Q. If I can't speak to an advisor on the day, how can I get in contact with them after the event?
A. Please watch for details on the website

Q. Will I be offered a job?
A. There is no guarantee that you will receive a job offer. Before finishing the discussion with the careers advisor, be sure you understand what the arrangements are for any follow-up contact


Q. As a Careers Advisor, how do I register my interest in the Careers Forum and who can I meet?
A. See the information on the 'Careers Advisors' tab. Then register here.

For any other questions, please contact us at events@jpag.org

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We always seek feedback from delegates attending JPAG events through an Evaluation form.

A recent analysis of the results has shown that more than 95% of attendees thought that JPAG meetings were well planned, relevant and met their main objectives, and would recommend JPAG meetings to colleagues


I did appreciate receiving the slides before, as then I could print them and make notes around them during the symposium. (Jul 2021)

Getting an industry perspective on this topic was most helpful. (Jul 2021)

I appreciate having access to relevant JPAG seminars from overseas; provision of lectures beforehand to allow reading beforehand. (Jun 2021)

I did like having the presentations available early, with the webinar portion being focused on Q&A. (May 2021)

Fantastic to hear from NHS speaker, provides real insight to patient/clinician considerations that we don't necessarily see in industry. (Mar 2021)

From attendee perspective, the course did not take up the whole day as no travel necessary and overall good value for money. (Mar 2021)

Hearing the information from the clinical setting side was very useful. (Mar 2021)

Well organized. This was an amazing session. Prior sharing of the presentation was a great add on! (Dec 2020)

Liked the format of watching presentations and then summary with questions - gave a more joined feel to meeting. Thought the meeting was going to be quite dry but turned out to be engaging. (Dec 2020)

While I really enjoy getting the opportunity to visit Burlington House for JPAG events, I thought this was excellent digital alternative. Thank you to all JPAG organizers for organizing and managing the meeting. Thanks also to the speakers for their excellent slides, pre-recorded presentations as well as their summaries and Q&A sessions during the event. (Oct 2020)

Thank you for providing the presentations in advance made this a very efficient way of bringing us up to date. (Oct 2020)

Given the current worldwide circumstances, the format of the meeting with the videos and materials available beforehand, followed by the 'live' summaries and Q&A worked well. (Oct 2020)

Well done to all the speakers and the organisers for being able to successfully hold highly informative conferences virtually! (July 2020)

The most useful aspect of the webinar was the variety in the presentations across industry and the regulators. Really good to review the presentations beforehand. (July 2020)

A great alternative to real conference. (May 2020)

Good value, well organised symposium. Always useful for focused topics. (Feb 2020)

A very good day. Enjoyed getting to speak to the presenters to discuss current challenges in industry. (December 2019)

A good, well planned and interesting meeting. (December 2019)

JPAG plans and delivers events that address all aspects of pharmaceutical analysis and related facets of medicine control & registration.


Delegates at a symposium held at the Royal Society of Chemistry

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