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Thursday 22nd March 2012
JPAG Annual General Meeting
Royal Society of Chemistry, London

1. Introduction by the Chairman, Mr Ken Leiper

2. Apologies for Absence

3. To confirm the Minutes of the 41st AGM, held on 24th March 2011
Click here to download the minutes

4. To receive a copy of the Report for 2011, presented by the Honorary Secretary
Click here to download the report

5. To adopt the Financial Report for 2011, presented by the Honorary Treasurer

6. To endorse the Committee of Management proposals
For 2012-2013
Chairman: Mr Ken Leiper (consultant)
Immediate Past Chairman: Dr Ray Munden (consultant)
For 2012-2014
Honorary Secretary: Dr R Frank Haines-Nutt
Honorary Events Secretary: Dr John A Clements (formerly RPSGB)
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Arthur H Andrews (consultant)

7. Committee of Management
* continuing for the periods stated:
until 2013 - Prof Tony Moffat (Un London SoP) and Dr Geoff Sharpe (Consultant)
until 2014 - Dr Andrew Cooper (Pfizer UK), Mr Matt Barfield (GSK) and Mr Paul Graham (consultant)
* to fill three vacancies for members of Committee 2012 - 2015:
Three valid nominations were received: Dr Stephen Robinson (Pfizer UK), Dr Andrew Teasdale (Astra Zeneca) and Mr Malcolm Dash (MHRA)
* to note representatives of the sponsoring bodies:
Prof M Jayne Lawrence (representing RPS) and Mr Kenneth Leiper (representing RSC)

* to note continuing as Corresponding Member, appointed in accordance with Rule 5.4:
Dr Howard Hill (NDA Analytics) & Mr Andrew Walsh (Rolls Royce)

* to thank Committee members retiring at this AGM:
Dr Joe Chamberlain (Webmaster), Dr David Elder (GSK, Ware), Mr Mark Santillo (Torbay Hosp.), Mr Mark Hammond (Melbourn Scientific) and Dr Peter Harrowing (ex NHS)

8. To elect Honorary Auditors for 2012 - 2013
Mr Martin Knowles and Dr Roger Alexander - are willing to continue.

9. Any other business, by leave of the Chairman

This AGM will be followed by our meeting:
Advances in pharmaceutical analysis
Details and Booking instructions are found on the MEETINGS page



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