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Thursday 19th September 2019
Advancements in pharmaceutical QC testing: dissolution and QbD testing
Royal Society of Chemistry, London
This one-day symposium will address issues and challenges associated with both dissolution and analytical QbD from a pharmacopoeial perspective. The first session will include overviews on the current/future state of dissolution testing from the regulators (MHRA), the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and industry. It will be followed by a panel discussion. The role of statistical modelling in predicting dissolution issues will be discussed and finally the key question of how can we introduce meaningful pharmacopoeial dissolution specifications for modified release products, will be discussed.

The second session will focus on measurement uncertainty and analytical QbD from the regulators (MHRA), the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and industry perspectives. This will be followed by a panel discussion.

This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for dialogue, discussion and debate with speakers - several of whom have been very actively involved in shaping the various guidances - and the peer group in an open forum. Delegates will be able to understand, interpret and translate into day-to-day practice how the various guidelines are being interpreted by regulators and pharmacopoeias.

An excellent opportunity to learn from expert speakers involved in the interpretation and application of these key topics.

Dr Karin Boon - MHRA
Dr Philip Borman - GlaxoSmithKline
Stephen Maddocks - MHRA
Dr James Mann - AstraZeneca
Elena Razzano - MHRA
Dr Garry Scrivens - Pfizer
Prof Clive Wilson - University of Strathclyde
Stephen Young - MHRA



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