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Welcome to the JPAG News page. We will continue to post items of news that we hope you will find both interesting and informative.

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Royal Pharmaceutical Society JPAG Network Group
The JPAG Network Group was set up on the Society’s website about ten years ago to provide a forum to promote JPAG events and allow members to share news. A total of 417 members of the RPS with interests in pharmaceutical analysis joined the group. In mid-2017 the Society ceased to accept details of JPAG events and promote its events; use of the group network declined as a result. In mid-2019 it was discovered, by chance, that the Society had removed all network groups from its site. The Society advised that this was because fewer people were using the site and for other, technical, reasons. It is in the process of working with its groups “to try to implement new and improved ways of allowing its members to network, share ideas and opportunities and provide peer support”. JPAG is actively working with the Society to achieve this objective for pharmaceutical analysts and a further report will be given in due course

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